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website and marketing the products. Lerma Edwards, an established designer for a globally-recognized furniture company, creates the bag designs. As the company progressed, the pair noticed that the better known brands often charged thousands of dollars for less durable and easily stained cotton or canvas handbags. To set themselves apart from the rest of the designer handbag names, the Edwards pair decided that they would use only high quality leathers and would include 24k gold gilded metal components on their luxury bags. They also decided to include a bottle of leather conditioner. Initial launch of the brand was only a few months after the conception of the idea and was financed with money from their tax return. After receiving positive feedback from family and friends, the bags also received some local media attention. Word-of-mouth also played a major part in the success of the handbags after a family friend showed the bags around the Dallas, TX area. Soon orders were coming to

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