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Fake designer handbags chinatown. O, if you buy your purse out of the truck of a car, you can pretty much bet it's not real! Another raid was recently conducted in Conneticut at a local flea market in Wellingford. Nine people were arrested for selling counterfeit items including handbags and watches. A total of 4,483 items were seized. Another raid took place in Dallas, Texas and $250,000.00 in goods were confiscated. This store has over $100,000.00 in sales per month! So what harm does it do to purchase a fake designer handbag? There are a multitude of reasons to NOT buy knockoffs, beginng with the fact that we, as taxpayers, carry the burder for this tax-free business. According to government sources, 200 billion is approximately the amount that counterfeiters do not pay - this means that honest taxpayers make up the difference!Another reason is organized crime. By purchasing a designer fake, we are supporting illegal activity. There is even some evidence that part of the money for bombing the World Trade Center came from the sale of counterfeit goods.There is also documentation that these purses are made by child laborers in unsafe conditions. How do smugglers get around the law? One way is for designer fake handbags to be imported without the labels. Customs will not seize these purses without the designer labels because then there is no proof. The tags are then added on the goods in this country.Fines of not more than $250,000.00 and no more than 5 years in jail await these smugglers. The profits range in millions of dollars per years. If you want to help stop counterfeiters, you can report these repli fake designer

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Proximately 17 men were arrested in a "sting" to catch sellers of replica handbags by famous designers. Smugglers paid one million dollars to undercover operatives posing as corrupt customs agents. Forty foot shipping containers were loaded with fake Louis Vuittons, Cartiers, and Gucci handbags made in factories in China. These purses were then sent to stores in Chinatown in New York City through ports in New Jersey, where custom officials received $50,000.00 each time a shipment was cleared. Smuggling operations were conducted out of a storefront on Canal Street where a second, hidden back room was filled with designer fakes. The display wall in the "legitimate" store contained a remote controlled door leading to the secret storage filled with bags. There is a difference between handbags that are obviously not an original. For example, there are the designer fakes that have an "LV" almost exactly mimicking a genuine Louis Vuitton and a purse that has different initials but a similar design. Usually, the craftsmanship is inferior in a knockoff designer bag - puckered seams, low quality leather, and large and uneven stitching. Another giveaway for fakes is the price. Real Louis Vuitton handbags sell for about $500.00 to $1,000.00 or more and a knockoff can be purchased for around $100.00 to $200.00 each. Also, if you buy your purse out of the truck of a car, you can pretty much bet it's not real! Another raid was recently conducted in Connecticut at a local flea market in Wellingford. Nine people were arrested for selling counterfeit items including handbags and watches. A t fake designer

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area. The system worked. When police raided, the tip-off arrived before the cops. Gates slammed shut, doors locked and merchandise flew off tables within seconds. Sorry, closed for the day. See you later somewhere else. Purse-party phenomenon Merchants and manufacturers aren't the only ones risking fines and jail time. Many otherwise law-abiding people have begun selling counterfeits out of car trunks or at home purse parties (think Tupperware, but with knockoff handbags). While it is unlikely a person would get arrested for purchasing an individual fake bag or watch, legal vulnerability increases if a person is found selling -- or even with the intent to sell -- counterfeit products. At that point, a person is considered a distributor, and is subject to state and federal criminal penalties, including fines and prison terms. Kolsun works with federal and state law enforcement agencies. "Together, we approach mall kiosks, flea markets and street vendors to ensure they are selling

fake designer handbags chinatown you fake designer handbags chinatown, scan the list of "Metroblogging Cities" below to see what other cities we know intimately fake designer handbags chinatown, or check out metroblogging.com for a view of the overall project and news of future developments. Click to close Authors All Author Bios Click to close Recent Comments Avocado in a Glass (1) thank you fake designer handbags chinatown, cheap clothing manufacturer (1) Telling Lies to Tourists (2) Beach Party in Queens (1) Protestors at the hot dog eating contest (2) Street Fairs In New York City (2) NYC DOHMH update (2) Continental Flight with Human Waste Running Down the Aisle? Yeah fake designer handbags chinatown, I Was On That... (116) Joel Siegel R.I.P. (2) Counterfeit designer bags (2) Click to close Categories 9 11 (12) Advertising (8) Architecture (16) Art (52) Bar Signs (10) City Life (466) Comedy (27) Cool NYC Pics (34) Did You Know? (8) Fictional NY'ers (27) Film and Theatre (51) Food and Drink (192) Gifts to the World (7) Health (22) Housing and Real Estate (31) It's All Greek to Me (4) LGBTQ (9) Literature (18) Live Music (48) Marketing (6) Met fake designer handbags chinatown.

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fake designer handbags chinatown hair accessories, and clothing - all priced to sell. Canal Street and Chinatown, like the Diamond District in Midtown, are trade-show areas, with almost every vendor being a wholesaler (just read the signs over the stores). Here you can find a mixed array of merchandise that will eventually be resold through upscale boutiques as well as through low-buck dollar stores. . . . and lucky you! By shopping in this area of New York City, you'll generally pay a lower price than you would in either of those two types of shops. But then there are the counterfeit items. TimeOut New York Magazine (August 12, 2004) ran an intelligent, entertaining feature article on this subject, entitled Spies Like Us. Written by Jane Borden, it discusses her work as an undercover spy for a private investigation agency and what she learned about the counterfeit industry. Without my covering the interesting information you'll read in Jane's article, note that her photographer, Timothy Fadek, experienced behaviors