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Ow anyone would like this Dooney & 038; Bourke bag. It is Fug. Here is my question: Do people actually think a brand spelled all over a bag makes others look at them and remark, & 8220;Wow, I bet that is a real Dooney bag!& 8221;? Well no sh*t, Sherlock. This bag is an ugly mess just waiting to get ripped on. There is actually a whole line of these fugly things called & 8220;Tapestry& 8221;. All different shapes, sizes, and colors you can fug yourself up with. When I got my first designer bags I remember being so excited that it had C& 8217;s or LV& 8217;s all over it. I thought to myself, & 8220;Yippee! I& 8217;m oh so cool because people will know what I& 8217;m carrying!!& 8221; But now, with a lot more age and a little more wisdom, I know that this is not the best way to go. If logos were not suggestive enough, here comes the name spelling. Thanks Dooney & 038; Bourke - you have made me personally want to ban you from the world of handbags and purses. But I have to remember that all people are different. If you like the bag, it& 8217;s your own choice and I will tell you a little more about it if you would like to buy it (but please don& 8217;t, it will even make angels cry). The Dooney & 038; Bourke Tassel Zip Top has two compartments. That is about all I can say about it, and really that is all the site has to offer. My guess is they even know how fugly the bag is that they did not want to waste more time describing it to a dwindling audience. If you feel like spending $165 on it, go to Dooney & 038; Bourke and waste away your money. Posted by Megs on 08 04 2005 RSS f fake dooney

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fake dooney bourke purse Ior(no lining). 2) Red white blue Registration No is sewn under leather seam. 3) Solid brass 'Duck Fob' has separation between duck bill and duck head fake dooney bourke purse, duck eye has a deep engraved circle fake dooney bourke purse, area behind duck has a 'grainy' texture (not smooth). 4) Purse seam thread is same color texture thread as leather duck logo. 5) All weather leather is soft and pliable (not stiff). 6) Interior leather seams are 'chorded'. 7) Dooney pocket system is brown regardless of purse color (exception is black-on-black Dooneys fake dooney bourke purse, they have a black pocket system fake dooney bourke purse, black hang fob and black trim). 8) Dooney's are trimmed in *stitched* British tan trim. 9) Pocket system has a small leather triangular 'flap' which hides the zipper. 10) All strap knobs are solid brass (not silver tone). 11) Shoulder strap solid brass grommets read "DOONEY&BOURKE". 12) Back of buckle strap hardware reads "SOLID BRASS". 13) All D&B straps are British tan leather stitched (except black above and a few older bags that have a matching leath fake dooney bourke purse.

fake dooney bourke purse Ired Handbags and Popular Trendy Designer Celebrity Style Purses and Replica Handbags at Kaitlin's Korner Designer inspired handbags and popular trendy handbags are our specialty. We carry a variety of knock off fashion handbags fake dooney bourke purse, designer inspired handbags and popular trendy designer celebrity style handbags. If you're looking for that high fashion look without breaking your budget fake dooney bourke purse, you've come to the right place. Our replica handbags and designer inspired handbags are similar in look and feel to brand named designers such as Louis Vuitton fake dooney bourke purse, Chloe fake dooney bourke purse, Dooney and Bourke fake dooney bourke purse, Gucci fake dooney bourke purse, Prada fake dooney bourke purse, Marc Jacobs and more. At Kaitlin's Korner fake dooney bourke purse, high quality look-alike fashion as well as great customer support is our forte. However fake dooney bourke purse, if your not into replica handbags fake dooney bourke purse, we carry a selection of discounted geniune handbags as well. We offer an array of celebrity style handbags at prices within reach of the average person. Make Kaitlin's Korner your first and last stop for all your designer inspired handbags fake dooney bourke purse, popul.

fake dooney bourke purse E most designers fake dooney bourke purse, Dooney and Bourke DOES have factory stores. Dooney and Bourke items that come from such stores (the Dooney website has more info on them) are usually backstock fake dooney bourke purse, not defective items fake dooney bourke purse, and the tag on the inside of the bag is usually marked by a tiny cut so that the bag cannot be taken back to a Dooney store or Department store. These bags do not qualify for the warranty that Dooney offers and thus do not have registration cards. Dooney also sells clearance priced bags at TJ Maxx and Ross; these also do not have registration cards. They are often similar to the items on the Specials section on the Dooney website. To get a clearance priced item with the registration card fake dooney bourke purse, you will need to purchase it at a store fake dooney bourke purse, from eBayers who specify that the card is present fake dooney bourke purse, and from the Dooney website. This is a really great way to get a Dooney at a good price fake dooney bourke purse, especially for people who cannot otherwise afford a Dooney. What's So Bad About Buying a Fake Dooney? I get asked this questi.

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