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Ke home the genuine article every time with this indispensible guide to spotting the fakes. Chanel Handbag wars With the advent of the Internet the crims are raking in the dirty dollars. Ebay is a breeding ground for fake designer merchandise and while there are websites selling the genuine article, there are just as many passing off counterfeit goods as the real thing. The problem is taken seriously by those at the top. Rumour has it that security staff at Louis Vuitton will even confiscate guests' handbags at their fashion shows if they are suspected fakes (oh the shame)! So, what are the signs to look out for? The design Do your research. Every celeb worth their close-up carries a status bag - the pages of Heat, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar are full of them. Check sites like www.vogue.com or the designers' own sites (www.gucci.com, www.vuitton.com, www.dior.com) to see the styles and details of authentic merchandise clearly. Never seen a Murakami visor? That's because they don't exist outside of Canal Street. The fabric When paying big bucks for a designer bag you're definitely paying for the name, but also the craftsmanship. The reason a real Herms Kelly bag costs an arm and a leg is because they're hand made. You won't see shoddy workmanship on a legitimate bag - puckered leather and wonky stitching are sure signs of a fake. Only accept an article in pristine condition; if you're questioning the quality it's likely to be suspect. Puckered leather and wonky stitching are sure signs of a fake The details Don't overlook the smaller features. The zips, handles, buckles and o fake lv

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